I’m still a work in progress because I’m still not exactly sure how to put all my work together. I have no issues with my research but to make it all come together as a complete assignment is where my struggle comes in. I’m trying my best and hoping that I am doing this correctly. I feel I am struggling with my bot but I followed all the steps. Now I can’t get my to connect to the article that I am trying to write on so I just copied them all into my last blog. One day at a time and breathing is how I am surviving at this point. #netnarr


Job Scams

After meeting with the professors I didn’t know what topic to choose because my first topic on viral videos was simply too broad. So then I decided that I would gear towards scamming and chose to focus on job scams. I have been a victim of going on job interviews which were complete scams. Why do people advertise jobs which are scams and how exactly can you decipher which job is real and which is a complete scam. There are many signs and a job asking for money before you begin working is the number one red flag. For the next few weeks my alchemist and I will look deeper into this issue. #fieldguide #netnarr


This week focusing on viral videos was very interesting because there were many times when I seen a video circulate and within minutes I seen that same video and there were some changes made. This had me confused because now I no longer knew which video held the truth. Technology have taken over in the worst way and it sometimes become sickening because people really lose their lives behind things like this. Some may find messing with with viral videos funny but I’m just not one of those people. In other news my digital alchemist is a bit annoying prying into my business about looking into viral videos but I got something for her she needs to get on board with the movement. The well being articles shines so much light on so many issue today in the world when it comes to technology its pretty scary. #netnarr

Viral Videos

I decided to focus on why do some videos go viral? That’s a question that I always wondered what makes this content so special that it reaches so many people across the world? Scrolling through social media makes me ask myself that question almost everyday because many times it’s the simpliest video that becomes viral. I sit back and think hey I could have did that even better but what made it viral. My digital alchemist is so chill and laid back so she doesn’t even understand why I care so much about videos going viral. #fieldguide #netnarr


This weeks class was fun because I love making Gif’s they are so cool and very self expressive. Although, there are gifs out there being able to make your own is so cool. Learning how to add a video to make my gif was very exciting because I never knew how to do that so learning how to implement that skill was very fun. Being able to create them allows me to send them out to my friends in our texts to spice up our conversation without using words. I know I can be annoying so making these new gifs will annoy my friends even more. Having my own digital alchemist mentor is interesting because I don’t know anyone that has one. Learning something that I have never knew before and probably never would have focused on is very interesting. #netnarr

The GIF take over

Gif’s have been around for sometime now but recently there seems to be a blow up on Gif’s. This isn’t only used in social media or as a clipart it can be found on tv as advertisement at times. This article How Animated GIFs are Taking Over zooms in on how Gif’s are taking over and what made it blow up. Something interesting that was said was how gifs have a silent message no words are needed and the gif can have so many different meanings. It captures our attention with no sound or words but the image or video is what does the job. As the article states “Gifs aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.” I couldn’t agree with that statement anymore, with the way technology is taking over the words GIFs are only going to get better with time. #fieldguide

Week 8

Another week filled with confusion. By now I thought I would have more understanding but now I feel like I’m barely getting by. This being my last semester I feel completely overwhelemed because I don’t understand what’s going on in this class. Maybe my interest level isn’t there because I just don’t get it at this point. I’m trying my hardest to understand what this class is all about but as the weeks go by nothing changes an I’m still unsure of exactly what is going on. I do my assignments but most of the time it takes me days to even understand. Like this blog I don’t even think I’m answering what was asked but I am reflecting I’m sure of that. I do understand the DDA’s and doing the hypothesi.s but as far as majority of the work I’m lost. #netnarr