Tracking Journey

After viewing my Twitter activity, it makes me notice that I’m not a fan of Twitter. Years ago I was very big on Twitter, but now it just really doesn’t hold my attention. I try to come on here as much as possible, but it’s harder than I expected. I’m barely on my normal sites Instagram and Facebook because I have so much going on. In the future, I will try to tweet a little more
This is a bit scary since you spend so much money on these Macbooks and realize they aren’t as safe as you thought they were when it comes to people tracking you. This actually makes me rethink a lot of things I mean I knew that people were watching, but being tracked is very scary that’s one of my biggest fears people tracking me. I have to do something to ensure that the tracking is at a minimum I don’t think I can completely make it go away or can I? That is something to think about seriously like where is the privacy. #weeklies #netnarr

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