Saying Goodbye

This class has been a true journey for me just like I named my blog a travelers journey. I felt like I traveled through so many different parts of the world with this class and it was nothing like I expected. I mean I knew I would be confused on many different levels because things like this has never seemed to peak my interest ever. I did enjoy doing the DDA’S and making Memes and Gifs. If I had to do those three things all semester with a paper attached I wouldn’t have any complaints. I can honestly say it’s a breathe of fresh air not only that this class has ended but the semester as a whole for me. With this being my last semester I thought it would be one of my easiest but turned out to be one of the hardest. Now I can finally breathe and know that I did my best no matter how confused I was I managed to get all my work done. As far as the grading contract I don’t honestly know what to expect because I never knew if my assignments were done correctly. I just pray I did enough to remain on the Dean’s List and not ruin my gpa. I tried doing hypothesi.s but I honestly forgot many times unless it was assigned for an assignment. Besides that I did my best and that is all I can do. The professors were helpful especially with the fieldguide they gave me many ideas that I hadn’t even thought about and I appreciate that. The class seems to be a great class for those who are into this stuff but it just wasn’t for me. I was told by Dr. Nelson it was a rhetoric class and I was just completely blindsided but made the best out of it. I will continue to make gifs and meme’s so that I can share them with my friends because I love making them. Thank you for helping me through the semester. #netnarr Signing out 2019.

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