Deep web vs Dark Web Journey
Reading this article was so helpful. Learning the difference between deep web and dark web is something I think everyone should know. I personally didn’t realize that there was a difference, but now I know. In this article, I give it a 4 because this will take a lot of time to get across to people. Many people are so stuck in their ways that they are barely open to change ,but this is something that everyone should take into consideration. #fieldguide #netnarr

Surviving Darkness the Journey

This article really caught my attention because I work in the Newark school system and see so many students consumed with technology at such a young age. Students no longer want to pick up a book or learn to write their names because all they want to do is play on YouTube. What happened to jump rope and tag? Technology has taken over that these parents no longer communicate with their children, but rather just hand off the cell phone or tablet and that’s it for the rest of the day. Children no longer know how to answer questions because there’s no one to talk to because Siri and Alexa have become their best friend. This article is a 6 for me because it makes me feel that there is hope for our youth that are lost right now this can be a way to draw them back into the real world. #fieldguide #netnarr

Tracking Journey

After viewing my Twitter activity, it makes me notice that I’m not a fan of Twitter. Years ago I was very big on Twitter, but now it just really doesn’t hold my attention. I try to come on here as much as possible, but it’s harder than I expected. I’m barely on my normal sites Instagram and Facebook because I have so much going on. In the future, I will try to tweet a little more
This is a bit scary since you spend so much money on these Macbooks and realize they aren’t as safe as you thought they were when it comes to people tracking you. This actually makes me rethink a lot of things I mean I knew that people were watching, but being tracked is very scary that’s one of my biggest fears people tracking me. I have to do something to ensure that the tracking is at a minimum I don’t think I can completely make it go away or can I? That is something to think about seriously like where is the privacy. #weeklies #netnarr


The month of January seemed so long, and I must say I am happy that it is over. This week I feel more confident in my courses. I’m getting the hang of Twitter again and I hope I don’t get addicted once the course is over. God knows I don’t need another social media in my life. When I read the announcements from this week’s work I was confused about the @hypervisible assignment. After rereading a few times I remembered exactly what I needed to do. See I said January was a very long month, I just have so much going on.

Back to that assignment, it was actually interesting to scroll through the page and read about many different forms of surveillance. I knew that many things go on with the surveillance world, but these articles blew my mind. The article I chose was the article on the family tree DNA sharing information with the FBI. Now if that isn’t absurd, I don’t know what is. I’m sure when people decide to use this they are definitely not expecting the FBI to be involved at all. You seriously have to be careful it’s like no one can be trusted. Back to how my week went work, school, be a mom, repeat, then there was the great snow day that fell on a Thursday I wish it was on Friday but still grateful either way one less day away from work. As I close out I have promised myself to be more open to a class which you are unfamiliar with. It is a Travelers Journey right??? #netnarr

Traveling with Turbulence​

Have you ever had that feeling where you weren’t sure how you feel? Yeah, that’s where I’m at right now. This class was far from what I expected. I went in thinking it was a writing class prepared and ready to write, but to my surprise, it’s the total opposite. Not sure if I should be excited about this surprise. Right now I’m still trying to comprehend what exactly is going on, I mean I know I’m getting old, but does my age have anything to do with the way I’m feeling? My age shouldn’t affect the way I feel about any class but I think that’s what it is. I’m usually a high achiever when it comes to anything in life, especially my grades, but for this class, I chose a B because I just don’t feel that confident. I’m trying to just enjoy the ride, but yet I feel like I’m traveling with turbulence. #netnarr